Vision Board Check-In

I’m just checking in. We have completed one week of the New Year! How are those Vision Boards coming along? Hopefully yours is complete and hanging up somewhere you can see it daily. Your  Vision Board serves as a visual reminder for you to achieve your goals. Often times we set goals for our lives,relationships, and even careers and we lack the dedication and effort that it takes to achieve these goals. Our  goals will not be reached magically. I know we would love to wish upon on a big shining star. The truth is we have to work at these goals if we want to eventually achieve them, or see change in our lives. Let’s be intentional in 2018.
Living intentionally requires us to focus on small tasks while working towards to big picture. Below I am showing off my Vision Board for 2018. Please if you haven’t already shared your Vision Board with Girl, Wake Up! do so on our Facebook page.

Many Thanks
I am surprised at the outpour of love and support from my friends, family, and acquaintances. I have heard from several individuals that I have inspired  to go and do things they’ve always wanted to do; blog, start businesses, move, and etc. I am happy to be able to encourage individuals to finally wake up! We’ve been asleep far too long ladies. I have another post about relationships coming later this week. I wanted to check-in and do an update separately.


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