Post- Valentines Day Post

Happy Post Valentine’s Day!! 

I hope everyone had an awesome day! If you had a date I hope it was as romantic as you saw it in your dreams. If you were alone like me I hope you got a chance to love on yourself. If you aren’t new to Girl, Wake Up! You know that I encourage self-love on a consistent basis. I especially want individuals to love themselves on a holiday like Valentine’s Day. Pagan holiday or not, whether you celebrate the idea or not, you cannot overlook that so many people do celebrate the holiday intending to showcase their love for one another. There are a lot of women who get out of sorts and have bruised feelings because they don’t have a Valentine on Valentine’s Day! When I think of Valentine’s Day I think of  a day filled with love. Love is not exclusive to dating. I did not always think this way...

 My Valentine’s Day History

So for as long as I can remember as a child my mother was my Valentine, until I started to like boys. Let’s start with the first shitty Valentine’s Day that I can remember. I was in highschool maybe it was my senior year. My boyfriend at the time lived across the city. For those of you from Milwaukee I lived on Keefe, and he lived in South Milwaukee. So one this particular Valentine’s Day I had purchased a new outfit from Aeropostale with my check from Little Caesar’s I can still remember the outfit. I bought pink corduroy pants and a striped pink and red button up shirt. I wore this outfit to school even though my boyfriend and I didn’t attend the same school, I was still dressed for the event. The event-- whatever I thought he might have had planned for me after school. A movie, some chocolate, a kiss, whatever I was going to be cute when it happened. I didn’t really know what to get him, but I knew for sure I wanted to purchase a card and write something really sweet. At the time my mother was putting together  Valentine’s baskets that came with a long candle shaped like a heart and a teddy bear. That was perfect. The day drags on and all day long I haven’t heard from my boyfriend. So I finally decide to drive to South Milwaukee to surprise him with his gifts. Once I reached the apartment, I hurried to the door, and rang the doorbell probably with the goofiest smile on my face. So happy to give him the gifts I had for him. He opened the door. I was like “ This is for you!” Happy, gushing, and proud of myself. He was like “ Thanks.” And then we both stood there kind of in an awkward silence… he had nothing for me. I was heartbroken! My feelings were hurt. So I played it off saying something like, “ we’ll see you later, have a goodnight” and I left. That is one of a couple bad Valentine’s Day  that I can remember. It wasn’t until I was in college sitting around the dorm with two of my friends CM and CJ that I understood that if I was going to feed into the Valentine’s Day shenanigans that I would love myself first and foremost, especially on a day where everyone is parading around balloon hearts, love letters, love baskets, and going on dates. And so it began, my friends and I took to the Cool Springs Mall to buy ourselves something nice, and take ourselves to the movies while our other friends were out on dates with members of the opposite sex, well except CF! Love you girl!.  Treating myself on Valentine’s Day has been an ongoing thing since college. I love Valentine’s Day! I love watching all of the love unfold.

My Valentines Date 2019

 I had my Valentine’s date planned since the beginning of January. I booked a hotel room at the St. Regis, Abu Dhabi with  plans to pamper myself before going to dinner and enjoying a drink somewhere. The St. Regis is lovely! Think Pretty Woman, I just realized that was the hotel she stayed at a St. Regis hotel in the movie. The day started off with some errands to the Chinese Embassy ( that story is for another day). I made an appointment for a Turkish bath and massage. If you have never had a Turkish bath you are truly missing out. Google it. The massage I received was amazing as well. I left my appointment feeling relaxed, and ready to check into the hotel. I arrived at the hotel, toured the room, and got in the bed immediately. Best sleep ever! Later, I woke up showered and got ready  to have dinner for 1. The food was great. I sat alone at a table across from a couple. The girl stared at me all night, as if she had never seen someone eat alone. I also got a “I’m-so-sorry-you’re-alone” on Valentine’s Vibe from her, but I continue to people watch. Her and her date were interesting to watch. I felt sorry for her actually. He was barely speaking to her, she kept trying to make conversation and I kept overhearing him say “ I’m tired”. However, his back was facing mine and I could see him repeatedly sending someone messages on Whatsapp. It could have been nothing, but to me it screamed disrespect. If I ever had to settle for a Valentine’s Date like that.. I don’t want it! I’d rather be alone. I had a great time enjoying my own company.

Girl Wake Up Moment

At what point are you going to realize that you are worth it! With or without a man to acknowledge you? Love on your damn self!  I’ve said this before, we as women set the standard. We show men how to treat us. We show them our expectations and where to meet us. How can you expect someone to love on you when you are not competently loving yourself?  

So yes, Valentine’s Day is a big deal to me. I know people who don’t celebrate it, because of course, “ Everyday is like Valentine’s Day in their homes.” There are others who just don’t see the magic in spending their money on some made up pagan holiday, and that is there business. I love, love! I love watching love blossom, and I would never pass on an opportunity to love on myself.

Happy Valentine’s Day. 

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