Let's talk goals!

It is six months into 2018. We are halfway through the year. This post is important to me, and I also waited until we were halfway through the year to address it. In January a number of my followers along with myself created Vision Boards. If you don’t know a vision board is a visual representation of what you want to accomplish. Most of us created our vision boards in January for the year of 2018. Because we are in the middle of the year I wanted to check in!! Where are you with your goals? What have you completed? What are you working on now that you can check off of your list? I’ll go first, check out my list below to see what I have done so far and what I’m still working on.


Things I’ve been able to check off

1.Eating healthy-ish/Drinking my water

2. Working out consistently

3.Keep my grades up in Graduate School (Call me, Straight A shawty!)

4. Practice the power of calm (STILL TRYING TO MASTER IT)

5. I’ve managed to keep the blog up and running even though I’d like to write more for you all.

6.Check some things off my 30 before 30 checklist

7. Save more money!!!


Things I am still working on

1 .Read my bible daily

2. Journal Daily

3. Go to Egypt

4. Finish my book (&get it published)

5. Reach my goal weight.


The point is… sometimes we have to remind ourselves of what we’ve already accomplished, and where we’re trying to go. It's okay if you haven’t accomplished most of your goals for the year. I am sure you have accomplished other things. If you haven’t done anything in the last six months… Girl, Wake Up! And stop playing in my face. Honestly, you’re playing entirely too much. Do something with yourself. Invest some time and energy into yourself. People treat you differently  and view you differently when they recognize that you take pride in who you are.


Leave your lists below I really want to know what you have done, and what you’re still working on. We’re in this together. If you want to know how and why I stay motivated drop a question below.


Love y’all



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