Hey ya’ll!
I know it has been a while, but I’m back. I haven’t shared a lot about myself, so let me explain where I have been and what I’ve been up to. Currently, I am teaching in the United Arab Emirates ,and I am also attending school in pursuit of my doctorate. So hopefully that helps to explain where I have been. Just recently I received an email announcing that I am moving into  Phase II or candidacy. Go me!! It’s my birthday! Lol. I have really had my head in the books. So… y’alll forgive me?

Y’all I’m still in awe of the fact that you all read my blog. Thank you! Recently, I was out at a function and I was approached by a woman that I am friends with on Facebook. Hey Kim! I wasn't aware that Kim was actually reading my blog. We greeted one another with hugs, Hey Girls!, and some small talk. Kim proceeded to ask me about my date night. She said “ I mean where did you go?, What did you do?”... And then it hit me... Girl, Wake Up!  I never thought to share the details with you all about my date night, but I really should. I had a great time and I’ve been on two so far this year. So here goes…

My first date night, I planned a night of fun in Abu Dhabi. In the UAE we work Sunday-Thursday. I woke up early Friday morning packed an overnight bag with a few options--the usual-- a couple dresses, cute tops, and my favorite jeans amongst other things.  I drove an hour and a half to Abu Dhabi, where I planned to go to the hair salon first before checking into my hotel. I made it to the hair salon just in time. Y’all know what goes on in the hair salon, so no need to elaborate. After my hair appointment, I went to check into my hotel where I decided to complete some assignments, and respond to a few discussion posts before I indulged in a much needed nap. Yes, I’m a napper. Queen of Naps, if you will. I woke up from my nap and proceeded to get ready for the night. I turned on my “Workout” playlist, because that where I keep my ratchet tracks. So my hair is done, music on, shower running, and I am really enjoying myself  dancing through my room listening to Cardi B. Fast forward, I am dressed and headed to a place called the Jazz Bar is Abu Dhabi. I pick a table near the door, but close to the bar. I order a small plate and two glasses of champagne. I sit for about two hours taking everything in. I like to observe so I am watching the people around me dance, I’m listening to conversations around me, and basically living in the moment. Afterwhile, I leave and head back to my hotel room. I had a great night dating myself!!

The second date night occurred on another random weekend. Again, I went to Abu Dhabi and stayed at the same hotel. This time I decided to try a different jazz spot. This was a flop! No live band, no dancing, and there were barely any people there. I decided to leave and go back to the place where I had my last date night. I walk in and sit at the bar, which is right in front of the stage. I’m sitting for maybe five minutes and then a man approaches me.  He asks, “Are you here alone?”  I respond, “yes.” He goes on to explain that he saw me come in and asks me to join him at his table away from the music, because its so loud. I agree. We move to his table. He tells me about his life, how long he has lived in the UAE, and what he does. We did not have much in common and I’m not really one for small talk. Soon two other men he knew joined the table and I dismissed myself. The company was okay, but I was ready to go. I went back to the hotel. I enjoyed this night too, but for other reasons. This night was just as much about me as the first night, but I was reminded that I still got it lol, even when I’m not trying.

You all have had a whole month to take yourself on a date. I want to hear about your date night! Leave the details in the comments or you can write on Girl! Wake Up’s Facebook wall. Feel free to ask me any questions.


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