Happy New Year!

Hey y'all!!

Has it really been a whole year since I launched the first GWU blog post and website. I am super excited to begin a new year with you all. My prayer for this year is to reach more individuals, and to continue to share instances and suggestions that are personal to me as well as beneficial for the followers of GWU. 2018 was eventful for me I was tackling school,  attempting to consistently blog, travel, and just live life. This year will better y’all I promise. Starting off the new year I hope that we all have completed or at least have an idea regarding what we want on our Vision Boards for 2019. I was at home during the Christmas break and brought the New Year in the states.I decided that I wouldn’t travel with my Vision Board to the UAE. It would have been too much drama. As soon as I arrived back to the UAE I put my board together. I will attach a picture somewhere on this blog. If you’ve read last year’s post regarding Vision Boards, or if you know me personally you know how much it means to me to have a plan. 

Vision Board Recap:


  1. Think about what you want to see happen for you this year

  2. Be intentional 

  3. Post your personal goals on your board

  4. Place the board somewhere you will see daily!

  5. The board will serve as a reminder of your goals and motivate you to reach them.


Creating my 2019 (Key Goals on my board)


  • Saving (This is always a theme on my boards)

  • Getting good grades (Key theme)

  • Travel (Key theme)

  • Moving- I am moving from the UAE. Initially, I signed a three year contract that will be complete in July of this year. I have enjoyed my time in the UAE, but it is time for me to experience another country. 

  • Fitness (Key theme) This has always been a key theme that appears on my Vision Board yearly. This is however, the first year that I have included a picture of myself on my vision board. I just want to get back to me.


I can’t wait to see your Vision Boards or even just hear about  your plans for 2019. 

Love y'all, 


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