Dating Yourself

Happy Valentine’s Day!

So, it’s Valentine’s Day...and you don’t have a hot date, and no one has purchased you anything super special. This is supposed to be a day of love, and you’re not really feeling the love? Has this only reminded you of how single, and lonely you truly are? It’s okay Valentine’s Day might not be your thing. I wanted to post this today because I have been seeing a lot of bitter posts on social media. Some are saying that the day is overrated. That might very well be true, however, there are others who are enviously watching other individuals wishing they were in their shoes. Everyone else’s relationship cannot be your “relationship goals”. Those are relationships that those individuals put their time and effort into in order to maintain. Do not get caught up in the hype of idolizing other people’s relationship believing they have exactly what you want, or need. You’re not exactly sure what they went through to get where they are. I’m the type of person that looks at the full picture. It might look nice, but I know that everything that glitters isn’t gold. Girl, Wake Up! Before you can even start a long lasting relationship with anyone, you have to form a loving and caring relationship with yourself. You have to date yourself, before you can start dating others. You need to love you 365. I do something called dating myself and I’ve done it for a while. I’ve done it of course while single, and even during a relationship. I’ll share what it looks like for me. You are welcome to adjust it so it fits your idea of “Dating yourself”.

Dating yourself

  • Pick a place or a thing

Find some place you would like to go, or an event you would like to attend. It could be as simple as walk in a park, or going to a Jazz Club. You can also pick an item you’ve been eyeing and purchase it without guilt.

  • Get Cute

I usually get myself together as if I’m actually going on a date with a guy. I fix my hair, get my nails done, and sometimes I even buy a new dress.

  • Go alone

This is an important part of dating yourself. Your solo date has to be alone. You might show up alone, but there is the possibility to meet other people while there.

Purpose of Dating yourself

  • Getting to know yourself

While dating yourself you are getting to know more about yourself, by spending time alone doing the things that you enjoy.

  • Strengthen your independence

You start to not care if you’re with someone else, because you are quite comfortable being alone.

  • Have fun!

Being able to have fun by yourself says a lot about you. It shows that you are not waiting for someone else to help you have a good time.

Dating yourself sets a standard, and makes it easier for you to voice your expectations when you’re ready to enter a relationship with someone else. Do not beat yourself up this Valentine’s Day because you think you don’t have a date. You do! You are your first date! Love yourself first and foremost.

Happy Valentine’s Day



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