You attract what you are!

06 Apr

Hey y’all!

How have ya’ll been? I am fresh off of Spring Break and feeling somewhat rejuvenated. Lol. Not really… see what had happened was,  I wrote this last week when I was truly fresh off of Spring Break and never published it. I felt as though something was missing. I wanted to give you all more, but honestly this is what I have right now. Stay Tuned, there will be more soon. I’m just figuring out a way to deliver it. Anywho... If you’re following Girl, Wake Up on Instagram ( _girlwakeup_) or Facebook (Girl Wake Up!) you will see that Girl, Wake Up! was all over the globe this Spring Break!! Dubai, Thailand, and Sri Lanka I am so excited and grateful for all of your support. It means so much to me.
Okay, now that we’ve got that out the way let’s get to the meat of this post.

A conversation I had previously keeps replaying in my head. A friend of mine once told me, “You always meet the nice guys.”  What she meant by that was I meet the guys who appear to have good things going for themselves. They’re college educated with decent jobs/career, can hold a conversation outside of sports, sex, or repeatedly paying me compliments. When she said that I instantly thought to myself the type of men she deals with, and the kind of men she entertains. We attract two different type of men. Not only that, but we entertain different men. We move in different circles as it relates to men. The guy yelling “ Hey baby!” in the parking lot cannot get my number. The guy toting three kids with sagging pants cannot get my number.  If those are the kind of men you like, then you Go girl! That is NOT my speed. More often than not, these men don’t even approach me. Also, I don’t find myself in places where these men congregate.

I said all of that to say, Girl, Wake Up!  Be careful how you’re presenting yourself. Watch where you’re hanging out. Protect your space and your energy.Make him put some respect on your name!! Understand that you attract what you are! When men of a certain caliber feel that they can approach you, something about you screamed “I can get her if I try!”   It often leaves you stuck wondering why do guys like this or that always approach me? It is time to look in the mirror. Something about you emits an energy that attracts them. When this happens to you use it as a time to reflect. nderstand that you get back, what you put out.

Imagine... presenting yourself like the Queen you are. Walking with you head held high, and your  life in order. You are more likely to attract a King with a similar demeanor. Like-minded people can identify other like-minded individuals. Just like an alcoholic, crackhead, or thief can spot another alcoholic, crackhead, or thief. I'm just saying. Understand that you get back, what you put out.

Love y’all


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