New Year Greetings

01 Jan

New Year Greetings 

Hey hey!  Happy New Year! We made it… 2018!

Out with the old, and in with the New... Year that is!! 2017 was full of surprises, and although I’m glad I got to experience every high and low, I’m blessed with the opportunity to move into a new year with more experience, and another chance to get my life (Tamar Braxton voice). Now that we’ve made it, what’s next? It’s time for the New Year, New Me posts to start flooding our social media timelines. I love the idea that people use the New Year to start planning a new life, or using it as a stepping stone to prepare for a better year; which is all the reason why it was important for me to launch  Girl, Wake Up! today. I know, I know, you’re asking yourself Jazmine, what exactly is Girl, Wake Up? Girl, Wake Up! is a movement created by yours truly; to encourage women from all walks of life to wake up! And by wake up, I mean stop openly accepting the BS you don’t deserve. I am pretty much known as the friend that is brutally honest. I’m always going to be forthcoming with the truth, and if your feelings are hurt in the process I’m sorry, but I’m only telling you what I’m sure no one else will. You might even get mad, but you’ll thank me later; I promise. My phone is constantly buzzing with incoming calls from my girlfriends, sisters, and male friends regarding relationships. I’ve been in and out of meaningful and meaningless relationships. I’ve dated my fair share of gentleman and had my run ins with enough f—k boys… I mean men (and I use that term very loosely) that wasted my time because they were not living in their own damn truth. I don’t claim to know it all. I haven’t experienced it all. However, I’ve experienced enough for me to Wake Up! I listen to some stories and while others are violently spewing their threats regarding ending their relationships, their trust issues, and their misunderstandings, some, NOT all of  the time, I’m saying “Girl, Wake Up!” These men are only doing what we allow them to do. He is going to keep playing with you, dragging you along, whispering sweet nothings, making empty promises, and selling you dreams as long as you allow him to.The point is, I’m not here to be the pot calling the kettle black. I’ve had to, and sometimes still tell myself, "Girl, Wake Up!"

Know your worth
The first time I recall telling myself to Wake Up! has to be in high school. Yes, I said FIRST because let’s be honest, you will have several. More power to the folks that have one, and never have to go through another foul experience ever again. You’re the baby, and I wanna be just like you when I grow up. Okay, so back to HS. I was dating this guy and I was, or thought I was, head over heels for him. Puppy love?? Nope, I was so beyond it! He was my EVERYTHING, okay?! I constantly found myself doing things I had no business doing.  I was always sacrificing myself to make him happy. At one point I got a car, a truck to be exact, a ‘96 Nissan Pathfinder. You could not tell me anything! I would be dropping him off, picking him up, taking him lunch to his job. I found myself doing all the things I felt made me a great girlfriend in his eyes. It got to a point that I would sneak out of my mom’s house while my mother  was at work to pick him up from late night studio sessions. Before you ask, yes, he was an aspiring rapper. Well this one night in particular, I’m waiting in the car for him to come out. At this point I’ve sent several text messages and made several phone calls. He either told me he’s going to be out shortly or ignored me altogether. He had done this before. He knew what time my mom got off work. He knew I had to drop him at home and beat her home. He knew I would be in a world of trouble if my mom knew I was out late at night on the other side of town when I was supposed to be at home. Well this night… I was so over it. A light bulb came on… Girl, Wake Up! I started thinking, Jazmine he doesn’t care that you’re sacrificing your freedom (because I would be put on punishment if caught). He doesn’t love you like he says he does. He doesn’t respect the fact that you’re going out of your way. I made up my mind that I would leave him. I pulled off after sitting in my car for over thirty minutes. It was an amazing feeling. I felt proud, I felt free. That was my first Girl, Wake Up! moment. I’ve had others and I’ll share them later. My point is as women we need to be privy to the BS we encounter in relationships and life. We also have to understand when to walk away from it. You know the saying, Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, fool me three times that’s your ass… oh that’s not how it goes? LOL.

Anyhow it’s a New Year and the New Year usually brings about some type of change in people for whatever reason. And I AM HERE FOR IT! I am all for working to improve oneself. If you don’t put the time, and  energy into improving yourself how can you put your time and energy into anyone else? If you attempt to operate in life that way, you will always be empty, or searching for someone or something to fulfill you. A lot of times we lack balance. We find ourselves continuously pouring into others and while they’re full we leave ourselves half empty. By the way I really dislike the phrase: New Year, New Me! *rolls eyes* This year I’m encouraging you to adopt and embrace the phrase New Year, Better Me! This is the year you will have better health,  better relationships; whether personal or professional, a better attitude, or a better mindset. Whatever you choose to do in 2018, my prayer is that you do it better than you have in the past.   I hope that 2018 is the year that you hear me say, write, or read Girl, Wake Up! so much that you actually really wake up and realize your worth.

Creating your 2018

As I said before, I am not against fixing, changing, or recreating yourself that’s why at the beginning of every year I sit down by myself to construct a vision board. Some people have vision board creation parties, and others call upon best friends or family members to join in on the fun. I even know some parents that sit down and do this with their children. Whatever your preference is I’m challenging you, yes that’s right, I’m calling you out! Get your magazines, newspapers, favorite inspirational quotes and have at it! Let’s set the tone for what kind of relationships we expect, want to build and require this year. Your goal is to finish your board by the end of the first week of 2018. If you’re not altogether sure what a vision board is I will explain it below.

 A vision board is a visual representation of the vision you have for your year. 

Quick and Easy Steps

  • First meditate and pray on how you would want your year to look.
  • Get all of the supplies you will need. (scissors, magazines, newspapers, print your favorite quotes, glitter, etc.)
  • Find a space where you can craft.
  • Lay your vision out on your board. Put a lot of thought and effort into what you want to accomplish in 2018.
  • When you're finished post your vision board some where you will be able to see it daily.
  • Make a list of your top 5. Check them off as you progress through the year.

I will upload a picture of mine as soon as I am done.

With love,


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